My fascination with the camera began my first year of college...

It all started with a photography course that allowed me to develop my own pictures. Learning about film speeds, camera settings, framing and lighting was great but what really caught my attention was seeing memories brought to life. During this time I focused on black & white photography and exposing my own film.


As time moved on I stepped away from the camera but never lost my passion for it. Taking pictures was always in the back of my mind and I held on to the same Minolta X370s and would occasional spend some time outside and dream of my passion. Fast forward 20 years and I had the opportunity to be behind a camera again. Our church began live-streaming and I entered into a whole new world - so I thought. Video was amazing, yet not so different. It was still a way to see memories brought to life with the benefit of sharing an experience with others. The sights, sounds and vibe of everything that was happening could be captured in an exciting way.

Over the last few years I have spent time learning about video production, editing, lighting and the nuances of video production. I have now come full circle and am back behind a camera and I couldn't be happier.

Our Gear

Our Gear and Why

We generally film with Sony cameras. While looking at various options, Sony gave me an option for longer recording times that allowed me to keep costs within reason. I also had some experience with Sony cameras that gave me a little higher level of comfort starting out. I do think other brands are great and someday I am sure we will use different brands for different things.

Film and video help us to share a memory, an emotion, a feeling as if we were there at that time again. It reminds us of an experience and allows us to share that experience with others.